Double Layer - Roll Forming Machine

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1. Types of corrugated iron forming machines:

- Single Layer - Roll Forming Machine (Ribs roof trapezoidal, Circulars corrugated, Ribs roof plafonds) ☞ VIEW MORE

- Double Layer - Roll Forming Machine (Mix pressing & Curve machine, ...) ☞ VIEW MORE

- Single layer - Roll forming machine - Kliplok | Kliplock roof ☞ VIEW MORE

- Single layer - Roll forming machine - Lockseam | Seamlock roof ☞ VIEW MORE

2. Overview of Double Layer - Roll Forming Machine:

- Up to now, most of the corrugated iron mills used in our country are imported, with very high prices. Meanwhile, our country is still facing economic difficulties. Therefore, to meet the needs of users for roofing sheets at a lower cost. Compared with imported roofing sheets, the durability is still similar.

- Currently, our country has a few facilities in which Saigon Machine - SGM is one of the units that have produced all kinds of corrugated iron rolling machines. With a much lower price than imported machines. Therefore, the rolled corrugated iron products have reasonable prices, meeting the tastes and needs of users. Products are consumed in more and more quantities, more widely.

- The production of quality corrugated iron rolling machines. Equip for areas that still satisfy shipping conditions. Because there are construction works that require a large length of roofing sheet. Long distance transportation will be difficult. Pre-manufactured flat corrugated iron, with a width of up to 1.2 meters, a weight of nearly 5 tons, rolled into rolls with a diameter of < 1.2m, so it is easy to transport.

- In our country, there are a few units producing machines to supply the market. Typically, Saigon Machine - SGM has produced corrugated iron rolling machines with the price of the rolling mill only about 1/3 of the imported price. We also manufacture  2-stage corrugated ironing machines with high productivity. Affordable selling price.

Double layer - Roll forming machine - Circulars corrugated | Ribs roof trapezoidal | Ribs roof plafonds


Double layer - Roll forming machine - Circulars corrugated | Ribs roof trapezoidal | Ribs roof plafonds with two corrugated sheet profiles in one machine, helps to reduce investment costs and save workshop area. Using hydraulic cutter, PLC, touch screen, servo drive and specialized gearbox system.